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I shall show hubby this thread when he says something haha. xx Tbh I was due the 3rd of jan but had a mmc if I hadn't I'd not been going overboard this year but now I'm going way over the top again it will make me smile so it's worth it me and my husband have a joint budget of 500 and I usually do secret shopping that amounts to about 400 when the day comes he's none the wiser unless something breaks and he looks for the receipt and it's in my secret stash i get my son around 20 and a stocking full of bits but then both sides of grandparents spend a lot on him as well and his aunties and my godmother who i am very close to also gets him quite a few presents x I dont go by an actual number - i like them to have a stocking and asked for gift from santa then a sack with a few piled up next to it from us. there's clothes and treats in there aswell as toys/books.

I've spent about 400 on them but that's including the tablets off my grandma so I haven't actually paid for them. i think the total this year will come in at around 250 each.

We have a six year old and he will have about 10 presents from us (Father Christmas), and then a few from family.

They are lovely presents though including two quite expensive ones.

Every year they get around 20 presents each for Christmas and birthdays including a main present each, plus shared presents and stockings but those vary each year.

I don't plan it deliberately its just been a coincidence every year but this year its about 25-30 each as ive got so many bargains ive been able to get a few extra things.

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